Ceiling Lighting for Every Room!

Royal Designs ceiling lighting fixtures are the perfect way to add subtle sparkle into your home!

You can check out RoyalLAMPSHADES online now to order one of these beautiful lighting fixtures for your home!

The Bedroom

The Royal Designs Adelaide crystal ceiling lighting fixture is a great way to add a little glamour to any bedroom. This particular series of ceiling lighting is approximately 8.5″ from the top canopy to the bottom of the crystal prism. This series also has an adjustable mounting system so you can assure the perfect fit for your area this fixture can be adjusted to 3 different mounting styles; hanging pendant lighting, semi flush mount or even a complete flush mount!

The Hallway or Entryway

Royal Designs Sabine is perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of your home decor in your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, office, or foyer. This lighting fixture is perfect for the entryway or hallway in any home. The gold is simply stunning and the beads elegantly descend elegantly to the last bead!

The Kitchen

The kitchen is an area where people come together to make delicious meals, and memories. Royal Designs can help your kitchen be the perfect setting to prepare for holiday parties, and family dinners. Royal Designs Ashley Beaded Adjustable Hanging Lights in a set of 3 look lovely over top a bar, or island counter top! It is the perfect way “spice” up your kitchen! These lights give your kitchen a classic Tuscan feel which can inspire your dinners!

The Bathroom

Add a sparkling finish to your bathroom by installing a Royal Designs Crystal Flush Mount. The Manon crystal flush mount has a neat, and clean look leaving: you, your family, and guests feeling refreshed and comfortable. Add a plant and your restroom can feel like a luxury get away!

Stylish Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Searching for the perfect wine bottle gift bag items? RoyalLAMPSHADES.com is now selling exclusive wine bottle gift bags from Royal Designs. Now your bottles can dress the part with our stylish and unique wine gift bags. Why just settle for the plain brown bag that it came in from the store when you can show up with an eye-catching wine gift bag?

The 8 pack of Napa Valley wine bottle gift bags feature bold wine influenced landscapes in 4 assorted styles with rope cord handle and convenient gift tag attached. These handsome wine bottle gift bags are sure to be the talk of your next event.

Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Napa Valley Wine Bottle Gift Bags 4 Assorted Styles with Rope Handle (8 Pack) $11.95

Our 8 and 12 packs of beautiful wine bottle gift bags will add even more sophistication and elegance to that lovely bottle of vino. With multiple printed designs in each pack, these wine gift bags are sure to add some flair to your gift-giving. Additionally, the gusset is four and a half inches, which means it can conveniently hold all types of bottles of liquor, wine and champagne. It also comes with rope cord handles and a gift tag.

Set of 12 Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Plaid and Striped Wine Bottle Gift Bags (12 Pack) $14.95

Friends Eating An Al Fresco Lunch, Holding Wineglasses and Wine Bottle Gift Bag


Furthermore, RoyalLAMPSHADES.COM bulk packages of wine bottle gift bags come in a variety of styles, you’ll always be the hit of your next spirited affair. So be prepared for that last minute invite to your next dinner party or celebration. Then you won’t have to spend time searching for a beverage gift bag at your local wine and bottle shop.

Friends drinking wine and holding Wine Bottle Gift Bag

Finally special gifts deserve the best wrapping, adorn your bottles with our array of classy wine bottle bags. Even the most sophisticated wine connoisseurs and sommeliers will appreciate your elegant presentation. Order your set today! Cheers!

Backyard Patio String Lights

Looking to create the perfect ambiance with outdoor string lighting? Our string lights are an excellent solution for all your outdoor engagements and social gatherings from a small barbecue to large weddings. Outdoor string lights are really a wonderful idea to brighten up your outdoor spaces and create a magical place. Also referred to as market string lights, these globe string lights create a romantic atmosphere perfect for any venue or occasion.

Clear outdoor string lights


Umbrella string lights

String Lights with Clear Bulbs by Royal Designs $58.45

Get creative with them! There are numerous ways you can use these outdoor lights. Make a canopy over your patio, add them to a balcony, string them under an umbrella or add them to a gazebo. To say the least they are extremely versatile. In addition they are inexpensive and can be installed easily by yourself. It’s time to prepare for all your outdoor parties this year. And you can find just what you need at royalLAMPSHADES.com.


Also, you can simply hang them for yourself to enjoy! I love hanging out in my backyard after a long day at work and these make it even more relaxing when I’m just chilling on the back patio. They are great to have up all year long as they are weather proof and can withstand high temperatures, snow and rain. To be clear, they are commercial grade but you get them at a residential price!  So sit back and relax on your beautiful patio!

Patio String Lights

Furthermore summer is coming, the perfect time to hang these beautiful lights if you plan on spending time outside barbecuing. Before you start planning all of your spring and summer entertaining, take a peek at these beautiful string lights. They will just add more ambiance to your parties or celebrations! Let us make it easy for you at royalLAMPSHADES.COM.


Hand Crafted Hard Back Lampshades

Avi Matatiaho has created a new line of hand crafted hard back lampshades and you can get them now on royalLAMPSHADES.com!

Hand Crafted Hard Back Lampshades

NEW 10″ Custom Hard Back Lampshades $48.95

Matatiaho coordinated with Royal Designs to make his creative visions become a reality! They have utilized world class designers and artists to be a part of the design of these one-of-a-kind lamp shades. They also used high quality digital printing to ensure the beauty of the art is not diminished when becoming a part of the lampshade. So, these custom designer hard back shades are the perfect conversational piece for any room!

There are a variety of different shades that can work with different decor. Matatiaho has created designs with warm colored tones, cool colored tones and even ones with just beautiful eye catching patterns and designs!

A few of the hand crafted hard back lampshades from Matatiaho’s line are inspired by stained glass windows. With these shades you can get the colorful illuminations of stained glass in your home!


One of the shades in the new 2107 line is the 10″ Mosaic Stained Glass Hard Back Shade. Which is the most adored shade by the design team!

The colors are bright and vibrant yet not too harsh. This lampshade really looks like stained glass! The color contrast is so appealing!

The shapes are really neat and it has a true mosaic style that is rather sophisticated by design.



The next in the line is the 10″ Seasons Stained Glass Lampshade

The Seasons lampshade is a beautiful addition to any European style decor. It is also a shade that has such beautiful detail that you can get lost day dreaming.

Experience spring, summer, fall and winter all year long with this lampshade. Each season looks like a landscape style of a stained glass window. It is a very detailed lampshade with high class elegance.


HBC-8033-PT02Another stained glass inspired lampshade is the Magnolia Stained Glass Lampshade.

This shade is inspired by floral Tiffany style lampshades, but remember it is digital print!

This is a perfect shade for anyone who loved the style of stained glass lampshades, but does not want to pay that price or maintain a fragile lampshade.

The Magnolia flowers are simple but also elegant.


Avi Matatiaho was also inspired by hand painted art work when creating his new line of hand crafted hard back lampshades. These are the type of shades that are truly original because due to the nature of printing a piece of art and cutting it for a shade you then get your own piece of the project on a lampshade!


This is the Warm Tone Painterly Lampshade. Which is one of Matatiaho’s favorite of his own creations.

This lampshade has a modern style. The geographic squares with the colorful scribbles make this lampshade one of the most unique shades in the 2017 collection.

The colors are also warm and bring a modern Tuscan feel to any room. This shade is perfect for any one with an artistic eye as it is subtly abstract.



The Water Color Lampshade is another art inspired lampshade in the 2017 collection.

Matatiaho decided to go with cooler tones for this shade like blue, green and purple.

The inspiration for this lampshade came from the sophisticated splotches you can get from using water paint on paper.

This lampshade also has a modern but abstract feel to it. It is eye catching and can be a one of a kind accent to any room!

Avi Matatiaho was also inspired by geographic shapes and patterns which helped him create two more shades for his new collection.

HBC-8038-PT02This shade is the Blue Kaleidoscope, and it says it all in the name!

This lampshade has many different intriguing blue hues from dark to light.

The round and triangular shapes are created by a centripetal reflective design.

Every day you look it it you might notice a new color or shape that will keep you thinking and talking! It is perfect for any kaleidoscope lover!

HBC-8039-PT02  This shade is the Broken Glass Custom hard back lampshade.

The shade was inspired by the beautiful shapes and colors created by shattered glass.

The actually looks like a shattered reflective surface.

The purple and blue tones are fun and the reflection of red flowers in the shattered glass is really neat. it is a fantastic lampshade who wants something completely unique!

The final lampshade is Matatiaho’s collection is actually inspired by the spring time and bright colorful butterflies! One of the artists helped create butterflies with his young daughters favorite colors in mind. This shade is generated towards a young feminine audience which is new to royalLAMPSHADES.com! Although, it also works for any other butterfly lover and would look great in a sun room!

HBC-8034-PT02 Don’t forget Avi Matatiaho’s line of hand crafted hard back lampshades from 2016! Once the styles from last year sell out they won’t come back! These things never go out of style! Who knew lampshades could have add such unique personality to any room!




Elegant Chandelier Accessories

Looking for chandelier accessories to freshen up a chandelier?

Chandeliers add a old world romance or sophisticated glamour to any room! Crystal chandeliers sparkle and glisten so very elegantly.

Chandeliers are perfect in living room, dining room, and bed room settings. They look extravagant in hallways and foyer entrances. One can even dress up a nursery room with a chandelier.


There are many ways one can go from drab to fab by checking out chandelier accessories on royalLAMPSHADES.com

There are other three chandelier accessories that can be a part of a chandelier. Firstly, crystal prisms. Many chandeliers have a pack of almond shaped clear prisms included. However, there are many other shapes sizes and colors one can explore to better fit their decor. Secondly, chandelier lamp shades are another great way to update a chandelier. With so many styles and colors the possibilities are endless! Lastly, chain covers are a perfect finishing touch on any chandelier.

Social-Media---Chandelier-promo SocialMedia--CrystalPrism-promo

Crystal Prisms add a classic sparkling look. They bring the real drama and flair to any room. They are simply eye catching particularly in natural bright light. They are simply stunning and a perfect addition to anyone looking to add more elegance to their already classic chandelier.


Some people might be looking for a more modern and fresh look perhaps, they don’t have a crystal chandelier or maybe they are looking for more of a seasonal addition. If that’s the case then Chandelier Lamp Shades can be the perfect addition  to the chandelier.


One of the final additions someone can use for their chandelier are chain covers. In fact many chandelier owners are distraught by that unsightly chain. Cord covers are the perfect solution. Simple too! Royal Designs cord covers have the simplest Velcro installation!

cord cover directions-web